New products seem to be launched by Apple at an alarmingly fast rate, and two new additions announced during a speech at their Cupertino headquarters in California are Intel based Mac Mini's and an iPod Hi-Fi - but despite rumours there's no Video iPod.

Apple iPod HiFi

Apple had dubbed the announcement as one which would reveal "fun" new products, sending many iPod fans in to a frenzy of speculation that a Video iPod would be announced, but unfortunately this was not the case when Apple's Steve Jobs revealed an update to their computer range and a new iPod accessory.

The iPod Hi-Fi will retail for fairly hefty 249 and can run on either mains power or six D-cell batteries giving around 16 hours of play, offering "natural, room-filling sound" which Apple claim sounds like "listening to a huge stack of speakers" without any audio distortion due to two 80mm cones and a central 130mm dual-voice coil woofer.

Included with the unit will be an Apple remote control allowing the unit to be operated without getting up to change the tracks, and adapters so different versions of the iPod - from Nano and Mini up to the full sized iPod, but not the Shuffle - can be docked in to the top of the unit, and also allows the iPod to be charged whilst connected to the Hi-Fi unit.

Apple also confirmed that Intel processors will be making their way in to the Mac Mini range of computers, after having previously announced MacBook Pro just a few weeks ago, and giving some four times faster performance compared with the old PowerPC G4 processors.

Further enhancements to the new Mac Mini's will include support for Gigabit Ethernet in addition to the previous 10/100Mbps, and two extra USB 2.0 sockets are being added to the rear of the sleek little box boosting connectivity options rather than the restrictive two ports which were previously available.