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Improve your memory for 2006!

The amount of memory in your computer could be crucial to enjoyment of the latest software, which can benefit from new high-performance Ballistix RAM.

It's suggested that most PC owners could at least double their computers memory, in many cases giving even old PC's a new lease of life or new powerful PC's their true full potential. Find out here how much and which RAM your computer needs.

Speed boost for British internet users

Internet service providers across the UK have been increasing connection speeds rapidly over the past few months, with BT offering up to 2Mbps and PlusNet trialing new 8Mbps services, with 2Mbps available as standard for just 14.99.

The new faster speeds are already being offered in some parts of the country, where operator UK Online are providing a 24Mbps service over selected BT telephone lines in major urban areas.

Meanwhile those living in NTL cabled areas can now receive up to 10Mbps download speeds on the top consumer package, with Telewest also offering 10Mbps in selected service areas across the country.

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